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News: Transit-Ticketing Applications
13/06/2008 Gated stations, smart cards in SkyTrain's future
13/06/2008 Predicts Growth for ''Mobile Coupons''
12/06/2008 NFC Transit Payment Launches in Italy
11/06/2008 Snapper to make smart card debut
09/06/2008 Miami-Dade County Transit's $72.9 million system
05/06/2008 One card, many transit systems
04/06/2008 The MTC gets 'smart'
03/06/2008 Phased launch for transport smart card
03/06/2008 TheTrainline selects First Ondemand technology to secure m-payments
30/05/2008 More trouble for public transport card
27/05/2008 Go cards 'doomed' over security
27/05/2008 Government trials mobile tickets
26/05/2008 Smart card vision for the Metro system
23/05/2008 Linux opens London's Oyster
22/05/2008 What is the Current and Future Market Size for Mobile Ticketing & Coupons?
21/05/2008 ID cards 'needed for domestic travel'
19/05/2008 New regulations approved on transport e-cards with Easycard
15/05/2008 India transport department issues insurance with new smart cards
12/05/2008 Octopus consumes Hong Kong
12/05/2008 Convergence of Transit and Financial Payment Systems Key Theme
12/05/2008 Turnstiles on the way
07/05/2008 Adoption of Contactless Payment for Retail and Transit
07/05/2008 NFC causing increasing interest in mobile coupons and ticketing
05/05/2008 Ticket sales via cell phones to increase in U.S.
02/05/2008 NXP Announces New, More Secure Chip for Transport, Access Cards
30/04/2008 INSIDE Debuts New MicroPass Platform to Bring Contactless
30/04/2008 TheTrainline selects First Ondemand technology to secure m-payments
29/04/2008 Mobile ticketing to go mainstream by 2011
28/04/2008 Over 2.6 Billion Mobile Tickets Set to Be Delivered by 2011
25/04/2008 Mobile coupon and ticketing on the rise