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News: Transit-Ticketing Applications
26/05/2009 'Nice to host 3,000-user mobile payment trial'
15/05/2009 Maryland plans to roll out smart fare card in October
11/05/2009 ID cards can be used at e-gates
11/05/2009 TransLink Transit Cards Will Soon Work on BART
30/04/2009 Bristol could get contactless transit card within a year
29/04/2009 Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council, Contactless Fare Collection Moving Ahead
28/04/2009 Contactless fare collection systems moving forward
23/04/2009 ORCA smart card limited rollout gets underway
21/04/2009 New Smart Card Used For Multiple Mass Transit Agencies
21/04/2009 Smartcard mooted for federal welfare payments
20/04/2009 Nice Airport Air France - Amadeus and IER partner to pilot a NFC mobile boarding pass
20/04/2009 Get there from here - on 1 card
16/04/2009 Melbourne public transport smart card Myki to go online by end 2009
10/04/2009 electronic fare cards coming to SkyTrain
10/04/2009 French Transit Smart Cards Link to the Internet
08/04/2009 Public transport card a hit in Rotterdam
08/04/2009 Springfield gets 'smart' meters
06/04/2009 Helsinki City Transport to cut smartcard fares
06/04/2009 Thales eyes ticketing contract for NGV buses
02/04/2009 Montreal police uncover fraud related to transit smart cards
01/04/2009 LEGIC moves local public transport in city of Augsburg
31/03/2009 Smart cards on the horizon for Vancouncer public transit
27/03/2009 'Amsterdam metro chip card-only in June'
25/03/2009 ESP Systex looks to the future of ticketing systems
23/03/2009 SEPTA delays 'smart card' fare system
23/03/2009 Smart bus cards to be used in city
19/03/2009 Cubic to Expand Bank Card Acceptance in Public Transit Through Exclusive Licensing Agreement With ViVOtech
18/03/2009 Cubic, ViVOtech partner to enable mutli-technology cards
13/03/2009 Passengers' cup of woes re-filled by smart cards
12/03/2009 Contactless Smart Cards, RFID, Payment, Transit and Security