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04/09/2008 Thales supports 'Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East' in implementing instant EMV card issuance
02/09/2008 BRD launches its first series of chip cards on domestic market
02/09/2008 Convenience, security boost payment cards market, says Global Industry report
02/09/2008 UK's Nucleus to launch contactless payment system in India
02/09/2008 Wasabi goes contactless
29/08/2008 Net1 Announces Acquisition of BGS Smart Card Systems
29/08/2008 PayEasy Extends Philippine E-Commerce to China, Taiwan and Thailand
29/08/2008 Telstra, NAB, Visa start contactless m-payments trial
26/08/2008 Customized Cards ‘Have Higher Transactions than Standard Cards’
26/08/2008 Dubai First, Mastercard join hands
26/08/2008 MasterCard, Bell Mobility trial mobile payments
26/08/2008 MasterCard Launches Malaysian Debit Card
26/08/2008 Travelex group to adopt the International Payment Cards in Algeria
25/08/2008 Cellphones may make wallets obsolete
25/08/2008 Electronic cash devices breach 100 million barrier
25/08/2008 HSBC introduces VISA Chip and PIN credit cards in Malta
25/08/2008 First Data Showcase new payment technology at Democratic National Convention
25/08/2008 Plastic money security: SBP reconfigures POS termi...
25/08/2008 Retailers urged to improve security against card fraud
22/08/2008 Brooklyn Assemblyman Proposes ‘NYC Resident Discount Card’
22/08/2008 Intel designing wireless wallet for e-cash
22/08/2008 Loyalty Card Idea Could Make Wallets Thinner
20/08/2008 Dubai First launches complete corporate solutions payment package for mid to large sized companies
20/08/2008 Scammers caught backdooring chip and PIN terminals
20/08/2008 Sony Tries to Take Your Wallet
18/08/2008 Al Salam Bank launches Platinum and Gold cards tht are EMV compliant, chip-based and offer enhanced security features
18/08/2008 Customer Data and Wireless Payments: Does Convenience Trump Security?
18/08/2008 e-zwich mass registration takes place in Accra this weekend
18/08/2008 Target stores to offer smart-card services