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14/01/2009 Sheetz Tests Innovative Payment Method
14/01/2009 'Chip' technology improves customer safety
14/01/2009 Travel and Hospitality Leader Faber Chooses ViVOtech Integrated Cont
13/01/2009 Beginner's guide to: Contactless cards
13/01/2009 Nigerian financial market and the chips/PIN revolution
12/01/2009 PayPal and merchants set to kick-start m-payments revolution ...
07/01/2009 All Barclays debit cards contactless by 2011
07/01/2009 ‘Contactless’ cards could replace loose change
07/01/2009 MasterCard in $100 million deal with Ireland company
07/01/2009 Gemalto First To Market With MasterCard Advanced Authentication for Chip Card Reader
07/01/2009 Mobile payments become more and more popular
06/01/2009 Former Visa exec joins online payment provider
06/01/2009 MasterCard Acquires Orbiscom to Accelerate Development of Innovative Payment Solutions
05/01/2009 Bell ID Signs Contract With ICICI Bank in India
05/01/2009 SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc, Transactions Continue Climb For aEURoePin DebitaEUR And aEURoeBill PayaEUR.
02/01/2009 Bangkok Bank Visa and AIS announce Thailand payments trial
02/01/2009 Global Payments Ltd wins top internet card processing award
02/01/2009 Lloyds TSB Middle East announces launch of chip and pin
31/12/2008 Nigeria: FG Begins Electronic Payment to Contractors
30/12/2008 Banks rolling out ‘CHIP and PIN’ payment cards
30/12/2008 Ingenico's First PCI-PED 2.0 Approved CounterTop Payment Terminal
23/12/2008 Sampath Bank introduces complete Chip Technology to Sri Lanka
22/12/2008 U.S. regulators adopted sweeping new credit-card rules
19/12/2008 ING and MasterCard introduce Mobile Maestro PayPass in Romania
18/12/2008 Net 1 Ultra Cheap, Likely to Continue Growth in 2009
18/12/2008 SEPTA Hosts Potential Vendors for New Payment Technology System
18/12/2008 XIRING announces that Co-operative Financial Services has decided to secure 300,000 online banking users
17/12/2008 Smart Card Alliance Introduces New Contactless and Mobile Payments Tools for Merchants
17/12/2008 Firm hopes to cash in on mobile banking and payments
17/12/2008 Electronic payments in Lauderdale County