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News: NFC Applications
21/03/2011 Gemalto and STMicroelectronics Partner To Develop Secure Solutions for NFC Applications
21/03/2011 Ingenico doubles its sales of contactless terminals, based on NFC technology
21/03/2011 NFC Could be the Next Driver in Social Networking
21/03/2011 What is keeping NFC enabled mobile payments from iPhones and Androids?
18/03/2011 Apple Modified iPhone 5 NFC Job Application
18/03/2011 Google to Test NFC-Based Mobile Wallet?
18/03/2011 NFC Is Coming To Australia Sooner Than Later
18/03/2011 Spain’s leading mobile operators sign NFC collaboration deal
16/03/2011 Google launches Las Vegas NFC service as ‘ultimate tourist guide’
16/03/2011 Google To Test Mobile Payments At Stores
15/03/2011 iPhone 5 will not have NFC, says source
15/03/2011 TazTag Unveils the 1st NFC ANDROID Tablet at CeBIT 2011
14/03/2011 NFC Congress in Hagenberg explores diverse future of NFC
11/03/2011 NFC Forum Applauds Clear2Pay's NFC Test Solution
10/03/2011 IATA and GSMA identify how NFC could take off at airports
10/03/2011 Security Show features Sony’s Felica and NFC Solutions
10/03/2011 The race towards a cashless Olympics
09/03/2011 NFC, Other Technologies Take Aim at Huge Mobile Payment Market
08/03/2011 NXP's Clemmer sees smooth sailing ahead
08/03/2011 Orange and Barclaycard: joint venture could point to the future of UK contactless payments
08/03/2011 VeriFone puts money near mouth, says it'll include NFC in all new POS terminals
07/03/2011 Square Raking $1Million in Mobile Payments Per Day
07/03/2011 Verifone to include NFC in all new POS terminals
04/03/2011 NFC technology to take off in Q3 2011, O2 CEO predicts
04/03/2011 'Virtually all' upcoming BlackBerrys to use NFC tech
03/03/2011 Bank of America Tests NFC Mobile Payments on BlackBerry Smartphones
03/03/2011 How mobile tech is helping in Haiti
03/03/2011 NFC Data offers bridge solution with contactless key fob
02/03/2011 Future BlackBerry Devices To Sport NFC Technology
01/03/2011 NFC-Equipped Smartphones Poised To Change Industry