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News: NFC Applications
22/02/2010 NFC gains Wi-Fi connection, loses name
22/02/2010 Motorola to launch 'isim' in UAE, eyes 80% NFC market
22/02/2010 INSIDE Achieves First Commercial Deployment of Its NFC Technologies
22/02/2010 NFC phones: Nokia missed the train and Sagem Wireless came on board
22/02/2010 Oberthur Technologies Teams up With Vivo to Provide SIMSense to Mobile Subscribers in Brazil
18/02/2010 Sagem Orga nominated for first NFC Java Card sticker
17/02/2010 NFC payments tipped to surpass contactless cards in five years
17/02/2010 MicroRead Powers Multi-Application Weneo NFC Convergence Device
16/02/2010 Cybercom turns your mobile into a digital wallet
16/02/2010 New software to incorporate NFC Technology on Android
16/02/2010 Gemalto NFC e-ticket solution
15/02/2010 MicroRead Powers Multi-Application Weneo NFC Convergence Device
12/02/2010 Payment and Wireless Industry Leaders Team to Bring NFC Mobile Payments to Slovenia
11/02/2010 CONNECTHINGS to Make First Public Demo of Wave-Me NFC Services Platform at Mobile World Congress
08/02/2010 Card and chip suppliers to offer open transport ticketing standard
05/02/2010 Industry Poised For Mobile Payment Strategies
04/02/2010 INSIDE Contactless Releases Open-Source NFC Protocol Stack
03/02/2010 INSIDE Contactless to Offer NFC Features for free to Android Phones
27/01/2010 NFC Forum Adopts Peer-to-Peer Spec
25/01/2010 NFC coming to iPhones in Japan
19/01/2010 Haiti Earthquake Puts Mobile Payments in the Spotlight
18/01/2010 Near field communications vs. the web
18/01/2010 Nokia going into NFC in "big way"
18/01/2010 Unlocking the future: Hotels to see new security technology
18/01/2010 Mobile commerce services 'will make wallets obsolete'
14/01/2010 *Banks and mobile operators to go head to head for NFC mobile payments

06/01/2010 INSIDE Contactless and TazTag Partner on NFC Innovations
04/01/2010 Say goodbye to business cards
01/01/2010 Citibank Says High-Volume NFC Pilot Shows Strong Usage
23/12/2009 IBM developing energy and retail technology of the future