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News: NFC Applications
26/10/2010 New report identifies the latest thinking on NFC business models
26/10/2010 Toppan Printing Launches NFC IC card with a high-definition full-color LCD
25/10/2010 Bringing Facebook Fans into the Store with Contactless Technology
25/10/2010 Chip Makers: Tens of Millions of NFC Phones Expected in 2011
25/10/2010 du showcases Near Field Communication Mobile solutions for UAE Businesses during GITEX
25/10/2010 Growth of NFC devices to boost mobile e-money payments 2011
22/10/2010 HID Global launches combined contactless payment and ticketing device platform
22/10/2010 Near Field Communication In The Nokia C7
21/10/2010 ACS launches new biometric solution
21/10/2010 ViVOtech's NFC Technology Enables Teletech Middle East to Operate as a Trusted Services Manager for Managed NFC Services in the United Arab Emirates
20/10/2010 Israel bank to roll out NFC payments system
19/10/2010 Sony integrating FeLica and NFC into laptops for contactless payment
18/10/2010 HID and Sony try to unite NFC and FeliCa in phones and notebooks
15/10/2010 Bell ID and ViVOtech team on TSM for NFC handsets
13/10/2010 HID Global and Sony to Form Alliance to Create Contactless Smart Card Readers
12/10/2010 Handset delays hamper etisalat's NFC deployment
12/10/2010 Proxama and Tuxedo Money Solutions announce collaboration to support mobile contactless payments
08/10/2010 Orange and Valeo demonstrate NFC car key concept
07/10/2010 Bell ID and ViVOtech team on TSM for NFC handsets
07/10/2010 Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum Announces San Francisco Spotlight Session for Developers
07/10/2010 Wireless USB 1.1 to support NFC
04/10/2010 Mobilize 2010: To NFC or Not to NFC
01/10/2010 Wireless USB 1.1 brings near-field pairing
17/09/2010 NFC begins to get the attention of the mass market
16/09/2010 AT4 wireless BITE Protocol Tester T1212 officially validated by the Bluetooth SIG
16/09/2010 DCS Launches Instant Issuance for NFC Memory Cards
16/09/2010 Qualcomm still sees NFC as
third-party IC
14/09/2010 AT4 wireless Inc (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that A2LA accredited new testing services
13/09/2010 Netherlands Banks And Telcos Form NFC Joint Venture
09/09/2010 ViVOtech Teams up with DeviceFidelity to Enable Smartphones into Contactless Payment and Loyalty Devices