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News: NFC Applications
14/02/2011 G&D Presents Complete Solutions for Mobile Security Applications at the Mobile World Congress 2011
12/02/2011 CASSIS, Atos Worldline bringing NFC solutions to Europe
12/02/2011 Toshiba to Deliver NFC SIMS to KDDI
11/02/2011 Android 2.3.3 update takes NFC up another notch
11/02/2011 Gemalto Selected to Support Crédit Agricole in NFC Deployment
11/02/2011 Japanese social network Mixi introduces NFC check-ins
10/02/2011 GENTAG, Inc. Announces First Fully Integrated NFC Cell Phone for Consumer Diagnostics and Social Networks Apps
10/02/2011 Near field payment technology to dominate Mobile World Congress
10/02/2011 NFC Smart Posters: Phone Tapping has a New Meaning
09/02/2011 NFC Gets More Flexible with "Open NFC" for Android
09/02/2011 Advanced Sims with NFC Onboard Planned by Orange and T-Mobile
09/02/2011 WIMA NFC Congress programme announced
08/02/2011 Apple iPad 2 Rumors Include NFC, Carbon Fiber Body, 7-Inch Display
08/02/2011 O2 To Launch Virtual Wallet For Mobile Payments
08/02/2011 Toshiba Starts Delivery of Commercial UIM Card Supporting Near Field Communication (NFC)
07/02/2011 MobiSocial taps smart phone technology
07/02/2011 O2 to launch NFC mobile payments app
07/02/2011 LG starts the mobile phone payment system in Europe by 2012
04/02/2011 INSIDE Secure Brings Biometric On-Card Matching Security to SecuRead NFC Solution
04/02/2011 LG joins NFC revolution
04/02/2011 O2 edges closer to NFC payment
03/02/2011 BMW sees car keys not phones as next NFC wallet
03/02/2011 LG plans European NFC system in 2012
03/02/2011 Nexus S video: Android’s hidden NFC tag writing abilities revealed
03/02/2011 Orange and Barclaycard set date for UK’s first commercial NFC service
03/02/2011 The future of Apple’s NFC mobile payment strategy
02/02/2011 NFC tides appear to be turning in 2011, says In-Stat
31/01/2011 Near Field Communications Finally Matters, Says Forrester Research
31/01/2011 NFC: Not Just For Mobile Payments
28/01/2011 Google nabs PayPal’s VP of platform, eye on mobile payments?