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News: NFC Applications
03/03/2011 NFC Data offers bridge solution with contactless key fob
02/03/2011 Future BlackBerry Devices To Sport NFC Technology
01/03/2011 NFC-Equipped Smartphones Poised To Change Industry
01/03/2011 Tata Docomo to test NFC self-service kiosks in Hyderabad
01/03/2011 Tyfone and Dexim Bring NFC Contactless Payments to the iPhone
28/02/2011 GSMA Agreement Means NFC On iPhone 5 Is Dead Cert
28/02/2011 GSMA video shows NFC in action in Nice
28/02/2011 NXP Semiconductors Soars on Excitement Over NFC Technology
25/02/2011 Widespread NFC adoption still two years away - industry survey
25/02/2011 NFC “e-wallet” icon spied on Apple iPhone 5 patent
25/02/2011 NFC: The Power to 'Touch and Transact'
25/02/2011 ZAPA Technology platform behind AIB Merchant Services success at 2011 Card & Payments Awards in London
24/02/2011 Clear2Pay NFC Test Solution approved by NFC Forum
24/02/2011 COMPRION debuts universal compliance testing platform
24/02/2011 GSM Association members to work on NFC tech
22/02/2011 GSMA announces world's leading mobile operators will introduce NFC services
22/02/2011 The next step to Near Field Communication deployment
22/02/2011 NFC concept car hands-on
22/02/2011 Tickets, Coupons Among Uses For Tap-To-Pay Phones
21/02/2011 AT4 wireless & Collis offer full portfolio of NFC & Mobile Payments test solutions
21/02/2011 The next step to Near Field Communication deployment
21/02/2011 New Android API with NFC Makes Bluetooth Pairing Obsolete
18/02/2011 Near field payment technology to dominate Mobile World Congress
18/02/2011 NFC Smart Posters: Phone Tapping has a New Meaning
18/02/2011 TSYS and CASSIS International Enter Into Mobile NFC Partnership
17/02/2011 Morpho and Think&Go NFC partner for Near Field Communication Technology mass deployment now
16/02/2011 AT4 wireless RIDER NFC tester, the first solution approved by the NFC Forum for Certification
15/02/2011 Is Near Field Communication the Payment System of the Future?
15/02/2011 Tieto and Inside Secure bring NFC to MeeGo
14/02/2011 G&D Presents Complete Solutions for Mobile Security Applications at the Mobile World Congress 2011