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News: NFC Applications
02/09/2010 Cimbal Launches Software-Based NFC Payment Network
02/09/2010 Qualcomm hunts NFC specialist to head up digital development
31/08/2010 First Data joint venture to offer mobile contactless loyalty service to merchants in UK and Ireland
27/08/2010 Near Field Communication security a big concern for customers
26/08/2010 AT4 wireless, first LTE accredited testing laboratory in Taiwan
26/08/2010 CellTrust Prepares NFC-Provisioning APIs Using SecureSMS for Carriers and Banks.
26/08/2010 Broadcom set to surf the NFC wave
25/08/2010 Bank of America gives NFC on Memory Cards a Boost with New York Pilot
24/08/2010 NFC iPhone already in Testing?
24/08/2010 Beyond Strudel: Vienna is a true NFC capital!
20/08/2010 Just a matter of time before Telefónica O2 UK launches NFC commercially.
19/08/2010 Standard Seeks to Create More Secure PIN Entry for NFC Payment
18/08/2010 NFC enables artists to add rich media to exhibits
17/08/2010 iPhone 5 to replace keys, credit cards and travel cards?
17/08/2010 Tyfone to Speak in First Forum on Alternative NFC Mobile Payment Solutions in Taiwan
16/08/2010 Apple hires NFC expert as mobile commerce product manager
16/08/2010 Inside Contactless releases open-source NFC Protocol Stack
16/08/2010 NFC in mobiles vies for adoption beyond payments
13/08/2010 Chinese hurl $1.5bn into NFC city
12/08/2010 02 and NatWest split could mean delay for NFC and mobile payments
12/08/2010 ViVOtech Offers Voltage Security End-to-End Encryption for Its Contactless Payment Systems
11/08/2010 Apple shows interest in NFC product info app
05/08/2010 Turkey host first mobile NFC payment programme
05/08/2010 Visa announces microSD payment for mobiles
04/08/2010 AT&T, Verizon And T-Mobile Planning NFC Payments For Mobile Phones
04/08/2010 Federal Reserve leads US payments industry NFC initiative
03/08/2010 Sophia Antipolis: Gemalto locates its “NFC Trusted Service Management ” center
27/07/2010 Innovision directors and CEO resign
21/07/2010 CPI Card Group Wins Top Honors for Innovatio
16/07/2010 Smart Card Alliance Endorses Obama Administration's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace