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News: NFC Applications
01/12/2010 Discover Starts to Roll out Its Zip Contactless Payment System
01/12/2010 Madison Avenue Taps Nirvana In NFC Mobile Apps, 2011
30/11/2010 Inside offers NFC system-in-package for mobile
29/11/2010 NXP's Mifare to add NFC support to SIMs
26/11/2010 Contactless payment sweeps into stores
26/11/2010 Think & Go French start-up proposes new business model for profitable NFC
26/11/2010 NXP aims for NFC in mobiles with Gemalto licence
26/11/2010 RIM to use NFC in upcoming BlackBerry phones
24/11/2010 Megafon Unveils Technology For Metro Payment System
23/11/2010 Call for Papers! WIMA 2011 - NFC Congress. Deadline for submissions 3 December 2010
22/11/2010 Near Field Communication tech to bump-off Bump
22/11/2010 O2 Money recruits NFC and payments specialists to ‘establish the newest name in financial services’
19/11/2010 NFC enroute to BlackBerry
19/11/2010 Telco giants build NFC network
19/11/2010 Google and Apple looking to introduce NFC capable smartphones
18/11/2010 RIM CEO Talks NFC BlackBerrys, Smaller PlayBooks
18/11/2010 Verizon, ATandT, T-Mobile Join to Launch Isis NFC Payment Service
17/11/2010 Google’s new Android phone aims to replace credit cards
12/11/2010 Sagem Launches the COSY Phone with NFC Technology
10/11/2010 Nokia confirm NFC is coming to Symbian^3
10/11/2010 Sagem Wireless Launches NFC-Enabled Mobile Device
09/11/2010 NFC agreement exchanged
04/11/2010 Apple: the 800 pound gorilla of mobile payments
02/11/2010 Canada, London on the brink of mobile contactless payment roll out
02/11/2010 Nukotoys to launch range of NFC toys, trading cards and video games
02/11/2010 Will the iPhone 5 Pioneer NFC Credit Card Payments in the US?
01/11/2010 STMicroelectronics reports NFC design wins from major handset manufacturers
28/10/2010 Government helps French cities launch NFC projects
26/10/2010 Dealer Sales Corner: ‘Touch’ NFC proposition
26/10/2010 Japanese company makes $25 NFC device that’s 3.9 mm thick, has a QVGA screen, and buttons