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News: NFC Applications
10/01/2011 Startup proposes cheap, printed NFC radio tags
07/01/2011 NFC and the barrage of big names
07/01/2011 PayPal to Throw Weight Behind NFC Technology for Digital Wallet
06/01/2011 INSIDE Secure First to Support Breakthrough Kovio RF Barcodes
06/01/2011 Mobile Movement, NFC and EMV
05/01/2011 Creating a secure infrastructure for NFC mobile phones
04/01/2011 2011 Could Be NFC's Year
04/01/2011 Don't bank on many surprises just yet
04/01/2011 Orange announces its ambitions in contactless mobile services
03/01/2011 Softbank to Release NFC Mobile Payments Stickers for iPhone 4
31/12/2010 ViVOtech Launches World's First Customer-Facing Payment Acceptance and Promotion Device to Support Global Expansion of Contactless, NFC Mobile Payments
30/12/2010 Apple May Incorporate NFC Into Many Products
26/12/2010 Softbank to test NFC in Japan
22/12/2010 Google Acquires NFC Startup Zetawire to Usher in Mobile Payments
21/12/2010 NFC Technology to Redefine Smartphone Services
21/12/2010 Orange NFC push: 50% of smartphones NFC-enabled in 2011
21/12/2010 OXO – Avenir Telecom’s Main Shareholder– Invests in Think&Go NFC
20/12/2010 Google's Nexus S CAN do mobile payments — SDK on its way soon
20/12/2010 Orange leads NFC charge in Europe
20/12/2010 OTI indroduces contactless and NFC to wide range of handsets
20/12/2010 Watchdata produces two millionth NFC add-on
17/12/2010 HTC smartphones to support NFC
17/12/2010 UK start-up pitches touch-to-sync tech for watches
17/12/2010 Orange large-scale commercial deployment of new generation SIM cards and handsets in Europe
16/12/2010 Apple May Incorporate NFC Into Many Products
16/12/2010 Broadcom BCM20203 NFC Tag
16/12/2010 Broadcom launches new NFC tag solution to simplify wireless device connectivity
16/12/2010 Near Field Communication: Google's New Weapon
16/12/2010 Q&A: 2011 a Breakout Year for NFC
15/12/2010 Google Acquires Zetawire with Patents for Implementation of NFC Based Technology