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News: NFC Applications
08/04/2011 Samsung and Visa plotting NFC Olympic phone
07/04/2011 Will NFC payments find acceptance in Utah?
06/04/2011 NFC phones used to check LA Metro passengers’ tickets
06/04/2011 Sprint Cooking Up NFC Smartphone Payment System
05/04/2011 BlackBerry Bold Touch set to ship with NFC technology
05/04/2011 Making close contact with NFC
04/04/2011 Samsung plans Olympic phone with NFC payment
04/04/2011 Verifone sets out its NFC strategy
01/04/2011 G&D in Spain develops the USIM card used on Telefónica’s first NFC multi-application project
01/04/2011 Zenius unveils industry’s first universal NFC Transactions Suite
31/03/2011 Microsoft Windows Phone 7 could soon sport NFC technology: reports
29/03/2011 ACS Introduces ACR122L VisualVantage NFC Reader
29/03/2011 Google partners with Citigroup and Mastercard on NFC
29/03/2011 ViVOtech planning IPO
28/03/2011 CHARGE Anywhere app turns smart phone into NFC payments terminal
28/03/2011 Google Gets Closer to NFC Payment, But Has Yet to Reveal Other Players
28/03/2011 MNOs and Banks Convene in London to Debate the “mega-scale opportunity” of NFC in 2011
28/03/2011 Motorola to add NFC to future gadgets
25/03/2011 FIME to Deliver NFC Forum Certification
25/03/2011 First Data Introduces Mobile Voucher Technology Supporting NFC for Merchants
25/03/2011 Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council: Open Bank Card Payments, Convergence and NFC Are Priority Topics for 2011
24/03/2011 Award Recognises Twinlinx's Contributions to Customer Value Enhancement in NFC Smart Cards Services Market
24/03/2011 NFC Takes Baby Steps to Market
24/03/2011 Operators Avoid App Syndrome With NFC
24/03/2011 RIM And Carriers Gear For NFC
23/03/2011 Verifone sets out its NFC strategy
22/03/2011 Gemalto, ST extend collaboration to NFC
22/03/2011 More Claims of NFC Capabilities in 'Coming Iteration' of iPhone
22/03/2011 94% show interest in mobile NFC payments
22/03/2011 These Early Players Stand to Gain From NFC Mobile Payments