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News: NFC Applications
01/04/2010 FIME launches a range of services to banks worldwide with their consulting offering
31/03/2010 Alcatel-Lucent Pushes Mobile Wallets
31/03/2010 INSIDE Powers First Contactless Public Transit Payments in Latin America
31/03/2010 ViVOtech Wins Prestigious 2010 Mobility Award in Mobile Commerce.
30/03/2010 Retail partnerships are the key to a new NFC business model
30/03/2010 Questions raised over Citi mobile payments trial in India
29/03/2010 NBS Announces Software Application to Personalize NFC-enabled Devices for Payment Industry
26/03/2010 New report examines the case for NFC microSD cards
26/03/2010 NEXPERTS, Touch & Pay shortlisted in NFC Competition
25/03/2010 GlobalPlatform Launches Trusted Service Manager Working Group
23/03/2010 The do-it-all phone is just over the horizon
22/03/2010 Apple planning role as mobile Trusted Service Manager?
19/03/2010 Wima unveils speakers for annual NFC conference and exhibition
18/03/2010 New concept of NFC payment solution is launched by First Data and Tyfone
18/03/2010 China UnionPay begins major expansion of NFC project
18/03/2010 Wima, will be held in Monaco next month, here are some Q&A to the event
18/03/2010 Wima, 2nd International Workshop on Near Field Communicatio
17/03/2010 First Data, Embrace of SD Cards Won’t Weaken Sticker Commitment
16/03/2010 Barclaycard and Orange plot NFC Christmas
15/03/2010 Tyfone to launch MicroSD NFC solution in second half of 2010
12/03/2010 Stollmann to exhibit Tipro Deutschland digital money trays with NFC
12/03/2010 Bribes Make Citibank India’s NFC Trial Work Well
10/03/2010 NFC Forum Expands Global Reach with 19 New Members
10/03/2010 Belgian group reports on two year NFC voucher study
10/03/2010 Mobey Forum Publishes Mobile Payments White Paper.
09/03/2010 Blackboard adds NFC and contactless support to campus card system
09/03/2010 Citibank Says RFID Pilot Proves Strong Consumer Interest in Mobile-Phone Payments
08/03/2010 Mobey Forum White Paper, Examines the Role of the Secure Element in Advancing Mobile Financial Services Ecosystem
04/03/2010 Citi aims for launch of tap-and-pay by Dec
04/03/2010 Citi Tap and Pay Mobile Payments Pilot Breaks New Ground