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News: NFC Applications
03/02/2011 BMW sees car keys not phones as next NFC wallet
03/02/2011 LG plans European NFC system in 2012
03/02/2011 Nexus S video: Android’s hidden NFC tag writing abilities revealed
03/02/2011 Orange and Barclaycard set date for UK’s first commercial NFC service
03/02/2011 The future of Apple’s NFC mobile payment strategy
02/02/2011 NFC tides appear to be turning in 2011, says In-Stat
31/01/2011 Near Field Communications Finally Matters, Says Forrester Research
31/01/2011 NFC: Not Just For Mobile Payments
28/01/2011 Google nabs PayPal’s VP of platform, eye on mobile payments?
28/01/2011 Proxama acquires Hypertag for NFC promotions
27/01/2011 Can We Do Better Than 'Near-Field Communication?'
27/01/2011 NFC: the bandwagon is rolling
26/01/2011 Visa and Wireless Dynamics take accessory approach to iPhone NFC
25/01/2011 Proxama acquires Hypertag
24/01/2011 Bank of America moves ahead with Visa mobile plan
24/01/2011 Mobile commerce strategies
21/01/2011 NFC Forum publishes transport ticketing white paper
20/01/2011 SOFTBANK taps Gemalto for NFC payment pilot
20/01/2011 Micropross releases new contactless/NFC protocol analyser
19/01/2011 LG Pecan to be NFC Phone Launched at Mobile World Congress 2011
18/01/2011 Announcing NFC World Congress 2011, the place to make NFC a commercial reality
18/01/2011 First Android NFC apps begin to appear
18/01/2011 MasterCard poaches the head of Orange’s mobile payments unit [NFC can't come any sooner]
17/01/2011 Android NFC apps appear
17/01/2011 Google Hunting for NFC Experts
17/01/2011 Mobile Pay Hire at MasterCard Reported
17/01/2011 Nine New Pilots Pave the Way For A National NFC Deployment in France
17/01/2011 Wima Visitor registration is now open
14/01/2011 RIM about to launch two BlackBerry NFC phones?
14/01/2011 Samsung's new Galaxy S2 handset NFC-enabled?