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News: NFC Applications
04/05/2011 China market: NFC handsets to be available in 2H11
04/05/2011 Mobile phones to replace tickets by 2015: Research
04/05/2011 Think&Go NFC Unveils NFC Retail Solution, as the Last Meter Influencer, at
WIMA 2011

03/05/2011 Confirmed: Google developing NFC solutions for retailers
03/05/2011 Near Field Communication (NFC) Will Make Our Lives Easier
03/05/2011 Smarter Marketing using NFC Technology
02/05/2011 Airport revolution prepares for takeoff
28/04/2011 It's the next big thing
26/04/2011 Galaxy S II hits Korea with NFC payment system ready to go
26/04/2011 Nokia and Rovio Go Social with Special NFC Edition of Angry Birds
26/04/2011 Why wallets may soon be history
25/04/2011 Motorola may offer quad core processor smartphones early next year
21/04/2011 Identive's Exclusive Pact With Google Could Mean Millions
21/04/2011 Nokia launches two new Symbian smartphones ó without NFC
20/04/2011 Spanish city to lend NFC phones to tourists
19/04/2011 Google expands NFC check-ins
19/04/2011 Say goodbye to cash
18/04/2011 Swisscom installing NFC enabled prepaid top up kiosks in Bern, Zurich, and Lausanne
17/04/2011 The Mobile Payments Race Heats Up: Low Energy Bluetooth vs. NFC
15/04/2011 ACS exhibits NFC products at IC Card World 2011 in Japan
15/04/2011 Google Pushing NFC Marketing to New US Cities
14/04/2011 Bell ID Simplifies EMV Smart Card and NFC Application Management with Versatile New Platform
14/04/2011 Fuel smart cards to cost govít P11 million
13/04/2011 NFC: Under-hyped, ready to over-deliver
13/04/2011 Smartag Supplies NFC Smart Poster Tags for Google Places Service
12/04/2011 Why does NFC matter? Does tap beat swipe for mobile payments?
11/04/2011 Enterprise Mobility: Google NFC Mobile Payments May Face Apple, Amazon, PayPal as Challengers
11/04/2011 Swiss phone subscribers top up at kiosks
08/04/2011 NFC Forum announces 32 new members
08/04/2011 Samsung and Visa plotting NFC Olympic phone