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News: NFC Applications
04/10/2011 NFC Contactless Payments And The iPhone 5
03/10/2011 Samsung Galaxy S2 AT&T release date tomorrow, NFC still MIA
03/10/2011 Incredible New Finance Technology Will Change the Way We Spend Forever
29/09/2011 Nokia introduces first NFC smartphones in India
29/09/2011 RIM to launch Bump-like app using NFC
28/09/2011 New Broadcom NFC chips slash power consumption
28/09/2011 Samsung Galaxy Note UK Offering Sans NFC
28/09/2011 Samsung, HTC, Motorola Endorse Google Wallet Rival, Isis
28/09/2011 SCM Launches New NFC Solutions Development Ki
27/09/2011 NFC could be the key to locks for Yale
27/09/2011 Up close and personal with NFC
26/09/2011 Google and Visa Team Up on Mobile Payments
26/09/2011 NFC Mobile Phones and the Future of Privacy
26/09/2011 The 9th RFID World Asia Poised to be Asia’s Dedicated Showcase of Latest and
Emerging RFID Technologies and Solutions in 2012

23/09/2011 Airtag, Orange launch NFC loyalty & rewards app
23/09/2011 Samsung Wave 578 next NFC enabled Quick Tap handset
22/09/2011 After Taking Over Wallets, NFC Looks to Replace Keys
22/09/2011 Google Launches Google Wallet NFC Payments System
22/09/2011 Google Wallet mobile payments system launched to public
22/09/2011 Orange aims to rollout Europe-wide NFC ecosystem by 2012
22/09/2011 Orange aims to rollout Europe-wide NFC ecosystem by 2012
21/09/2011 Google & Vivotech Gear Up for NFC Rollout
19/09/2011 UPM RFID Teams with Wireless Sensor Technologies for NFC Solution
16/09/2011 HID Global Launches First University Pilot of NFC Smartphones Carrying Digital Keys for Access Control
14/09/2011 EMV: Paving the road to mobile NFC
13/09/2011 NFC news in brief Sept 2011
09/09/2011 Nokia bringing NFC to all Symbian phones
08/09/2011 VeriFone Looks to Services and Mobile Payments for Growth
07/09/2011 Mobile, Local, Social ... Modern market trends drive Google to NFC
06/09/2011 NFC Technology to Drive Mobile Payments Initiatives?