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News: NFC Applications
08/06/2011 Juniper: NFC Payments To Reach $50 Billion Worldwide By 2014
07/06/2011 Chinese Firm Puts NFC & 8GB In MicroSD Card
07/06/2011 French ministry offers 20 million euros in funding for NFC projects
07/06/2011 Near field communications: Are UK retailers ready for Google's mobile wallet?
07/06/2011 SCM's new reader module brings NFC to commercial devices
07/06/2011 Still no business case for Aussie NFC: analyst
07/06/2011 VeriFone Sees a Potential Bonanza in Mobile Wallets Tied to NFC
06/06/2011 Apple’s iPhone 5 All Set To End Your Credit Card?
06/06/2011 Elephant Talk joins mobile wallet revolution with new payments platform
06/06/2011 NFC is more than just mobile money
06/06/2011 NXP debuts its NFC partner program in China and Taiwan
03/06/2011 Near Field Communication Brings Opportunity Closer
03/06/2011 NXP launches NFC Partner Program in China,Taiwan
03/06/2011 Google’s NFC Entry Impresses Experts, But Leaves Key Questions Unanswered
02/06/2011 Another thing NFC could change forever: product warranties
02/06/2011 Is NFC the Future?
02/06/2011 Near Field Communication Serves Up Supply Chain Link
01/06/2011 Broadcom sees NFC technology as revenue key
01/06/2011 Google Wallet NFC Application Unveiled
31/05/2011 ACT and sQuid join forces to launch NFC and mobile solutions
30/05/2011 To NFC or not to NFC?
30/05/2011 Visa, the iPhone & NFC: The Australian state of play
26/05/2011 TazTag & Lifera Announce Strategic, Technical Patnership
26/05/2011 The Evolution of NFC
26/05/2011 Millions of mobile users in UK ready for NFC
25/05/2011 NFC system to let you pay for dinner via cell phone
25/05/2011 Nokia and NFC Tomorrow’s tech comes of age
24/05/2011 HTC preps tablets assault and NFC launch
24/05/2011 NFC comes to the UK with Orange, Barclaycard
23/05/2011 First HTC NFC phone to arrive ‘in next 12 months’