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News: NFC Applications
15/02/2012 Firm finds NFC users interact more than QR code users
15/02/2012 Four in five major airlines plan to use NFC by 2014
15/02/2012 New Watchdata SIMpass form factor offers most practical and easily deployed NFC solution to date!
15/02/2012 Proxama announces global NFC mobile wallet collaboration with ARM
14/02/2012 Google Wallet NFC payment system can be exploited
14/02/2012 Inside Secure to Relaunch IPO; Announces 20 Million NFC Chip Shipments and New Customer
14/02/2012 Nokiaís Head of NFC Leaves; Latest Departure from Handset Maker's NFC Team
14/02/2012 Texas Instruments Announces First Combo Wireless Chips Supporting NFC
13/02/2012 Foursquare adds NFC support for check-ins
13/02/2012 NFC aid for the visually and hearing impaired
13/02/2012 G&D to Supply Turnkey TSM Solution for Commercial Mobile Payment Rollout in Australia
09/02/2012 PayPalís Out to Steal NFCís Thunder
08/02/2012 NFC tags deployed by Connecthings to
physical worlds

07/02/2012 Smart Card Alliance White Paper Explores Possibilities for NFC in Transit Industry
03/02/2012 Free loan of NFC Nokia phones during Wima in Monaco
03/02/2012 Mobile Payments Going Mainstream at CARTES in North America
02/02/2012 California Stores Pilot NFC System Providing Electronic Receipts
02/02/2012 NFC moves closer as SITA unveils proof-of-concept
01/02/2012 Paris Metro cards moving to phone-compatible NFC system
01/02/2012 Near Field Communication (NFC) Market Worth $10015.96 Million by 2016
31/01/2012 HID Global Completes NFC Mobile Access Control Pilot at Arizona State University
31/01/2012 NFC Forum Members to Demonstrate Innovative Solutions at Public Reception in Frankfurt, Feb. 8
31/01/2012 NFC Solutions Summit
31/01/2012 Prepaid meter reference design enables secure energy credit purchase through NFC
31/01/2012 Wii U controller to have NFC functionality
27/01/2012 Samsung's own Galaxy Note teardown reveals unannounced NFC support
27/01/2012 SAS launches NFC Smart Pass
27/01/2012 Skylanders-esque NFC tech built into Wii U's WiiPad
25/01/2012 Freescale and INSIDE Secure Introduces the first NFC-based Prepaid Meter
24/01/2012 Airlines and airports step closer to near field communications