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News: NFC Applications
11/01/2012 Seventeen cities shortlisted for €20m French government NFC grant
11/01/2012 Visa Certifies Smartphones for NFC Payments
09/01/2012 NFC Forum, Smart Card Alliance gear up for 2012 events
06/01/2012 Competition announced to find world's best NFC
05/01/2012 Nokia drive to highlight NFC benefits
03/01/2012 Czech firms report on NFC trial
03/01/2012 Intel-Inside Secure's Partnership To Lead NFC Revolution
03/01/2012 Japanese carriers form NFC consortium
02/01/2012 2012 will bring much more than contactless payment from NFC
30/12/2011 Banks in Estonia consider launching NFC
28/12/2011 Intel-Inside Secure's Partnership To Lead NFC Revolution
28/12/2011 The long road for mobile payments
23/12/2011 Do you want to see Near Field Communication in an e-reader?
23/12/2011 Nokia launches NFC awareness campaign
22/12/2011 Global Sales of NFC Phones to Surge 128% in 2012
22/12/2011 GSM Association issues new NFC handset requirements
22/12/2011 PayPal Tests NFC Payment App in Sweden
22/12/2011 San Francisco gets NFC parking meters
21/12/2011 NFC Forum and Bluetooth SIG Publish Developers Guide to Using NFC for Bluetooth® Pairing
19/12/2011 PayByPhone Adds Near Field Communications to Mobile Payments for San Francisco's 30,800 Parking Spaces
19/12/2011 SMD isotropic antenna for NFC applications
19/12/2011 Sonim Announces the XPand NFC - a Slimline Modular Expansion Pack That Adds NFC Workforce Management to the Sonim XP3300 FORCE
16/12/2011 Intel Licenses Near Field Communication Tech from Inside Secure.
13/12/2011 Global Near Field Communication (NFC) Market (2011 - 2016)
12/12/2011 Collis becomes member of Mobey Forum
12/12/2011 Smart starts offering new near-field communications service
12/12/2011 Taiwan market, Chunghwa Telecom launches NFC service for iPhone
09/12/2011 FIME and Thales Combine Expertise to Deliver Security and Functional Evaluation Services
08/12/2011 Add Friend uses NFC to send Facebook friend requests (hands-on)
07/12/2011 Dutch banks and carriers to launch NFC in 2013