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News: Mobile Applications
29/01/2008 Agilent Technologies' Mobile WiMAX(TM) Protocol Test System by AT4 for Mobile
29/01/2008 Cellucom Picks Payment Solution from Hypercom to Speed Up
29/01/2008 Ending Telephone Tag With UC-based "ASAP" Calls
29/01/2008 Indonesia's Mediacom collaborates with Nokia Siemens for Mobile TV
29/01/2008 The Innovative Phone Systems of Switchvox
29/01/2008 INSIDE Contactless finalist of the Mobile Innovation Global Awards
29/01/2008 NewMarket Technology, Inc. Mobile Computing Solution Increase $100 Million
29/01/2008 Launches Phone Card Service
28/01/2008 Can Nokia compete with Apple's iPhone
28/01/2008 Cosmos Bank partners with PayMate for mobile payment solutions
28/01/2008 Cyphermint Chairman Dr. Ivan Kuznetsov to Lead Mobile Payments
28/01/2008 Device-Independent M-Banking System Launched
28/01/2008 iPhone Seen Disrupting Mobile Banking Models
28/01/2008 Nokia to close Germany plant
28/01/2008 Open Kernel Labs Technology Enable HTC Mobile Devices
28/01/2008 VoIP, Inc. Enters Into 2.5 Million
25/01/2008 Catapult Demo GSM Mobile Test at Mobile World Congress
25/01/2008 Device-Independent M-Banking System Launched
25/01/2008 Mobile Phone Payment System Blossoms in Kenya
25/01/2008 More Mobile Service Offerings from YouTube
25/01/2008 Long Term NFC Will Be Supported on the Majority of Phones
25/01/2008 Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate Goes Mobile with CellSigns
24/01/2008 Cosmos Bank partners with PayMate for mobile payment solutions
24/01/2008 NXP Delivers Worlds First USB Battery Charger Detection to Charge Mobiles
24/01/2008 PLDT losing its wireless focus
24/01/2008 SCM Microsystems Mobile Readers
24/01/2008 Stymie Mobile Banking
24/01/2008 ViVOtech Deliver New Contactless & NFC Mobile Payment Technologies Into POS Systems
23/01/2008 Fronde Anywhere signs mobile payment deal in Asia
23/01/2008 Kyocera to acquire Sanyos mobile phone business