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News: Mobile Applications
18/02/2008 Elpida Set to Deliver x64-bit I/O Wide Bit Mobile RAM
18/02/2008 Intel designing smart chips for mobile computing
18/02/2008 Mobile Payments Strategies and Markets 2007-2011
18/02/2008 MTLN and Suvidha launch mobile payment service in India
18/02/2008 PictureID 1.0 (for Palm OS)
15/02/2008 Agilent Technologies Automates UMTS Cellular Mobile Stress Test
15/02/2008 ASUS Launches P750 PDA Phone in India
15/02/2008 Dr. Gadget to Take the S-XGen
15/02/2008 What are the Health Effects Of Wireless Communication Devices?
15/02/2008 US Consumers Want Single Contactless Payment
15/02/2008 Vodafone Launches Afghan Mobile Money Transfer
14/02/2008 Agilent Technologies' Mobile WiMAX(TM) Protocol Test System by AT4 for Mobile
14/02/2008 Ditech Networks Introduces Voice Quality Measurement Solution for Global VoIP Industries
14/02/2008 Fixed Mobile Convergence Market Set to Expand to 250 Million Users by 2012
14/02/2008 Google Phones at Mobile World Congress
14/02/2008 LG Wins Handset Deal for Global Roaming
14/02/2008 Samsung, LG Keep an Eye on What Will Become of Motorola
13/02/2008 Agilent Technologies Automates UMTS Cellular Mobile
13/02/2008 GSMA and IMGA Collaborate to Drive Mobile Gaming at Mobile World Congress
13/02/2008 The world's leading smartphone software S60, six new devices including N96
13/02/2008 T-Mobile Deploys RAD Gateways to Use DSL
13/02/2008 Vodacom and RIM launch the GPS-enabled BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Smartphone
13/02/2008 What are refurbished Cell Phones
12/02/2008 CE's wireless Babel: Connectivity strategies are all over the map
12/02/2008 The SIM Card to play role in revenue generation strategies of mobile operators
12/02/2008 ViVOtech Consumer Payment With ViVOpay 5000m Contactless, Mobile NFC
11/02/2008 Cell phones and smart phones CES 2008
11/02/2008 Comstar Interactive mobile payments software designed for Palm TREO
11/02/2008 Direct Source and ViVOtech Contactless & NFC Mobile Payment Technologies POS
11/02/2008 Gemalto Provides First NFC Mobile Contactless Management Solution