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News: Mobile Applications
16/04/2008 Decision against Qualcomm in Nokia case stands
16/04/2008 DoCoMo Subsidiary interTouch renamed DoCoMo interTouch
16/04/2008 LEGIC card-in-card solutions integrate identification badges into mobile
16/04/2008 Nokia Tops New Smartphone Vendor Matrix
16/04/2008 Smart Homes in Saudi Arabia
16/04/2008 Tele Atlas Reports 4Q07 And FY2007 Profit
15/04/2008 Axesstel Announces Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2007
15/04/2008 Credit card customers want to manage accounts online - study
15/04/2008 Kodak Promises Decent Phone Cameras
15/04/2008 Mobile really is the future of banking
15/04/2008 Nigeria For Motorola, a Time to Pitch
15/04/2008 Nokia Morphs Handset Design
15/04/2008 Sybase 365 enhances mobile banking technology
15/04/2008 The looming battle over wireless broadband
14/04/2008 A Billion GPS Chips Expected to Ship in 2013
14/04/2008 As the Mix Diversifies, Carriers Losing Control Over Mobile Content
14/04/2008 Citi Pilots Obopay Mobile Payment Service
14/04/2008 Samsung, Posdata Receive Mobile WiMAX Certifications
14/04/2008 STMicroelectronics and NXP Merge Wireless Businesses to Expand
14/04/2008 U.S. Cellular And Milwaukee Brewers Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement
11/04/2008 Examine the 2007 Eastern European Mobile Communications
11/04/2008 AT&T Investing More Than $220 Million in Florida Wireless Network
11/04/2008 CE's wireless Babel -- Connectivity strategies are all over the map
11/04/2008 HCI War Finale : Future is open for NFC
11/04/2008 Pushing iPhone to the EDGE a smart move by Apple
11/04/2008 Report Information on Trends, Statistics and Analysis for the M-Commerce Sector, Including M-Payments and M-Banking
11/04/2008 U.S. Cellular and Milwaukee Brewers Announce Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement
10/04/2008 DoCoMo Subsidiary interTouch renamed
10/04/2008 Mobile Community Announces 1 Million Registered Users
10/04/2008 Nokia Siemens Networks Teams with Symmetricom