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News: Mobile Applications
13/03/2008 InterDigital Demonstrates SlimChip(TM) Mobile
13/03/2008 Internet Security through Smart Card Technology
13/03/2008 Major players of the DVB-SH ecosystem join forces to demonstrate live Mobile
13/03/2008 Mobile monitoring system developed for carers
13/03/2008 Security System Matches Card Purchase to Cellphone Location
13/03/2008 Insightful Survey on in-Vehicle Bluetooth Technology Highlights for Vehicle Manufacturers
13/03/2008 Switch to new SIM cards likely to hit a snag
13/03/2008 Verizon Wireless Launches Blackberry 8830 in Red
12/03/2008 German Touch&Travel pilot goes live with Vodafone
12/03/2008 mobilePeople empowers iPhone search
12/03/2008 SIS launches mConfirm to US market
12/03/2008 TJAT Seamless Mobile Messaging Portal
12/03/2008 VeriFone Enters Retail Banking Channel
12/03/2008 When money is the message
12/03/2008 World’s First Programmable Multi-Mode 3G LTE
11/03/2008 Decision against Qualcomm in Nokia case stands
11/03/2008 First Ondemand technology selected by TheTrailine to secure m-payments
11/03/2008 Intercontinental Bank Activates i-mobile Cards in Ghana
11/03/2008 Pay-via-cellphone service ready
11/03/2008 Sprint Conducting NFC Based Phone Payment Trial
11/03/2008 Vodafone links IP and phone, killing roaming charges
10/03/2008 BART Trial First to Use Mobile Phones to Pay for Fares & Food
10/03/2008 Cell phones that double as credit cards
10/03/2008 Crown Computings Monitoring System Mobile Phone and RFID Real Time Management
10/03/2008 Internet –Based Attacks Threaten ATMs
10/03/2008 Kyocera to Position Bangalore among its Global Centers
10/03/2008 The VoIP Movement Is Here, Whether Mobile Companies Like It or Not
10/03/2008 U.S. Bank and MasterCard Worldwide to Launch Mobile Payments Pilot
10/03/2008 UK's Faster Payments Scheme 'On Track'
07/03/2008 Barclays Makes Mobile Banking Move in Indian