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News: Mobile Applications
22/05/2008 Parrot to Show New NFC Enabled Multimedia
22/05/2008 Pay-via-cellphone tests done
22/05/2008 What is the Current and Future Market Size for Mobile Ticketing & Coupons?
21/05/2008 Indonesia Ponders Over RFID, Contactless Smart Card, NFC and Mobile
21/05/2008 KORE Telematics and ITN International Bring New Wireless Session
21/05/2008 Kyocera Wireless Demonstrates Emerging Wireless Technologies
21/05/2008 Mobile phone health warning for pregnant women
21/05/2008 New P-to-P Service for Underbanked Looks to Launch M-Wallets
21/05/2008 Nokia N95 - The North American Edition
21/05/2008 'Tube' to trial mobile phone based payment scheme
20/05/2008 Cellular Machine-to-Machine Communication Module Shipments to Increase Fourfold by 2013
20/05/2008 Collis rolls out new NFC chip
20/05/2008 Mid- and High-end Mobile Devices Will Run a Linux Operating System by 2013
20/05/2008 Mobile Payments and NFC Asia 2008
20/05/2008 Mobile Users Will Be Winners with High Speed Bluetooth
20/05/2008 Qualcomm’s Gobi
20/05/2008 UK Payments Council plans end of cheques
19/05/2008 Blaze Mobile Wallet Set to Ignite Mobile Marketplace
19/05/2008 F-Secure mobile security service
19/05/2008 HTC TyTN II Windows Mobile 6 Smart Phone
19/05/2008 Launch of Greater China’s first mobile security service
19/05/2008 Mobile fraud: Phone loving criminals
19/05/2008 Mobile Payments Appeal to Launderers, U.S. Agency Warns
19/05/2008 The HTC TyTN II, HTC Kaiser, HTC TyTN II P4550, T-Mobile MDA
19/05/2008 THE PHONE AGE
16/05/2008 Blue Bamboo Unveils Pocket POS
16/05/2008 Citigroup Developing Citi-Branded Phone That Can Make Contactless
16/05/2008 HTC TyTN II Launches in India
16/05/2008 On the Hot Seat with Motorola's Fred Wright
16/05/2008 RIM's Bold New Blackberry