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16/11/2009 Transactions of Long Awaited Mobile Money Rise in Europe
13/11/2009 TTC Smart Cards Still Years Away
12/11/2009 Qantas To Use Smart Cards To Speed Up Check-In
11/11/2009 CARTES event brings world’s ID community to Paris for top notch education and expo
11/11/2009 NFC mobile phone set to explode
11/11/2009 Contactless payments coming to UK pubs
10/11/2009 UK Phone operator O2 introduces Visa card linked to O2 account
09/11/2009 A step in the right direction
09/11/2009 RP to benefit from 'smart card' technology
09/11/2009 Southampton to trial new contactless parking meters
06/11/2009 NFC Could Change the Future of Communications
06/11/2009 The 2010 NFC Forum Global Competition is open for entries
06/11/2009 NFC Forum Calls for Breakthrough Solutions for Annual Competition
05/11/2009 Mobile Commerce World: how mobile payment can revolutionise public transit
05/11/2009 PaymentLink plans to expand the number of shops that accept the new Contactless e-Purse Application Standard
04/11/2009 World’s first NFC Visitor Guidance System
03/11/2009 Smart Phone to Smart Wallet: New Device Enables Payments By Cell Phones
03/11/2009 Taking a touching approach to transport ticketing and home care for elderly