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02/10/2009 InfoCom says Asia driving mobile innovations
02/10/2009 Insomnia coffee chain signs up for Zapa’s NFC sticker-based marketing system
02/10/2009 Mobile coupons and smart posters will fuel growth of NFC mobile payments
01/10/2009 Mobile Banking May Replace Your Local Branch
30/09/2009 Coolpad Adopts NFC Technology
30/09/2009 French retailers, operators publish NFC adoption plans
30/09/2009 Will smart cards replace cash?
29/09/2009 Anniversary Exhibition of Smart Cards in Croatia
29/09/2009 Bolton Council Launches UK’s First Multi-Purse Smart Card
29/09/2009 NFC and RFID Technologies: 4 Côte d’Azur innovative projects amongst the 13 projects selected
28/09/2009 GlobalPlatform Technology Migrates To Advanced Encryption Standard
25/09/2009 Could NFC be in danger of being too much, too late?
25/09/2009 deadline for smart card-based driving licences
24/09/2009 Card Technologies and Identity
24/09/2009 Raiffeisen Bank Romania orders Todos card readers
24/09/2009 Smart cards to pay water bills
23/09/2009 Issuance of smart cards with e-money reaches 140 million in Japan
23/09/2009 Mobile money roundup: NACHA regulation, Visa NFC rollout and pay by sound