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25/09/2009 deadline for smart card-based driving licences
24/09/2009 Card Technologies and Identity
24/09/2009 Raiffeisen Bank Romania orders Todos card readers
24/09/2009 Smart cards to pay water bills
23/09/2009 Issuance of smart cards with e-money reaches 140 million in Japan
23/09/2009 Mobile money roundup: NACHA regulation, Visa NFC rollout and pay by sound
23/09/2009 MTA Pushes Smartcard Program
23/09/2009 NAB rolls out contactless terminals
22/09/2009 South African rolls out MobiCash contactless mobile payments
21/09/2009 Contactless and Mobile Payment Solutions Must End Market Stagnation
21/09/2009 Contactless cards 'effective way to donate'
21/09/2009 EasyPark brings smartcard technology to parking
21/09/2009 Students to get smart cards
19/09/2009 Indian passports to go digital next year
18/09/2009 Idaho students spend, spend, spend with their NFC phones
18/09/2009 Karnataka RTOs to issue smart cards by month end
17/09/2009 New smart cards on Welsh buses pave way for 'Oyster-style' future
17/09/2009 Smart card- A boon to motorists in M'lore