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02/09/2009 Old ticket machines in UK to be upgraded to accept smart cards
02/09/2009 Transport smart card machines in trouble
01/09/2009 Corp to issue smart cards to BPL families
01/09/2009 SmartCard to roll out prepaid gift card
01/09/2009 NFC Forum,Mobey Forum Collaborate to Boost Mobile Payment Standardization
01/09/2009 ‘Ragpickers to get smartcards’
01/09/2009 Smart cards for public transport
28/08/2009 BNZ, ANZ chips in for smart cards
28/08/2009 Drive carefully, RTO men have got `smarter'
27/08/2009 Government Wants Train Commuters To Use Smartcards
26/08/2009 American Hospital Association endorses smart card product
26/08/2009 U.S. payment-card industry grapples with security
25/08/2009 City schools get smarter, opt for ‘smart card’
24/08/2009 Embedding multiple government contracts on a single ID card
24/08/2009 Government proposes national smart ticketing strategy
24/08/2009 NFC Forum to host Spotlight Session for Developers
24/08/2009 Nice was the 18th city with ASK contactless cards for bike rental
19/08/2009 Loyalty goes high-tech with advanced ID technologies