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26/11/2009 London cyclists to use contactless smart card system
26/11/2009 Mobile Banking the Answer for Africa's Unbanked
26/11/2009 Personal smart cards for travelling around Dubai
26/11/2009 Smart card system to labours will be intorduce: Parijat
26/11/2009 Visa Europe, Telefónica O2 and G&D Unveil Payment Portability via SIM Card
25/11/2009 Organizations join forces to launch cross industry certification for Smart Cards.
25/11/2009 Smart card becomes operational on Delhi buses
24/11/2009 Oyster payment systems expanded across London
23/11/2009 Eliminating Card Fraud: Why banks must implement ‘in-house’ card issuance
23/11/2009 Gartner puts mobile banking first on its list of top mobile apps
23/11/2009 How green is your smart card?
23/11/2009 Miami International Airport accepts MasterCard PayPass contactless payments
23/11/2009 Residents queue up for smart cards
23/11/2009 Smart cards industry stands up to global shock
23/11/2009 Smart card sector 'to expand in 2010'
19/11/2009 Chip card transactions let vendors enhance security and cut chargebacks
19/11/2009 Irish town to be an experiment in Near Field Communication
18/11/2009 India shipping 60 million mobiles each year from the country