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24/10/2011 Moving to the third generation of ePassports
24/10/2011 SMRT launches NFC posters in Singapore
24/10/2011 Windows Phones to Get LTE, NFC
21/10/2011 Bangalore Metro: Recharge and ride
21/10/2011 Delay could sap NFC attraction for consumers
21/10/2011 Visa And Samsung's Phone Pushes Mobile Payments At 2012 Olympic Games
21/10/2011 NGO Uses Smart Card to Help Kenyans Secure Food during Famine
21/10/2011 Will Google Wallet Make NFC Mainstream?
20/10/2011 City looks to introduce Smart Cards
20/10/2011 Mobile payments expected to reach $30.5 billion by 2021 (UK)
20/10/2011 Multiple Secure Elements Drive NFC Market above $1 Billion in 2016, Says ABI Research
20/10/2011 New GlobalPlatform Specification Enables Mobile Service Providers to Manage Applications Remotely Across all Types of Secure Element
18/10/2011 German researchers hack RFID access card
18/10/2011 Identity theft protection tips for mobile device users
18/10/2011 preparing for the NFC revolution
18/10/2011 keying-in-to-nfc
18/10/2011 Magicí of Wallet NFC network is spreading across US, Google says
17/10/2011 Continued Growth Moves USA Technologies to 5th in US and 19th Worldwide For POS Terminal Shipments in 2010