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15/11/2011 NFC in a SIM, They might just have done it
15/11/2011 Smart Card Shipments Could Rise 17% in 2012: Eurosmart
14/11/2011 Mobile NFC Gains Momentum as Operators Worldwide Pledge Support for SIM-Based Solution
11/11/2011 Money Has to Move: Tablets are the Next Big Mobile Opportunity
11/11/2011 NXP is now the Official Sponsor of the 1st WIMA NFC USA!
11/11/2011 G&D to Focus on Subscription Management and NFC Trusted Service Management at this Year’s CARTES & IDentification Trade Show
11/11/2011 WIMA announces first NFC applications, products and services congress in USA.
09/11/2011 GlobalPlatform and the SD Association Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Align Standards
09/11/2011 PayPal app for Android gets NFC payment widget
09/11/2011 Security and quality for contactless payment function
09/11/2011 ViVOtech and Qmuzik Technologies Bring NFC to the African Continent
08/11/2011 Smart Card Alliance Government Conference Concludes With Updates on Health Security Card and Expanding Uses of PIV for Information Access
08/11/2011 Southampton makes use of contactless smart cards
07/11/2011 Countries quickly recognizing INTERPOL smart card
07/11/2011 Galaxy Nexus uses same NXP NFC solution as Nexus S
07/11/2011 GlobalPlatform and ISO Technical Committee 204 Collaborate to Enable Mass Delivery of Public Transit Services via standards for Multi-Application NFC and Contactless Media
02/11/2011 40% of merchants need to be equipped for contactless payments to take off
02/11/2011 What can Near Field Communication do for you?