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15/07/2011 Canadians Love Mobile Payments
15/07/2011 PayPal Gingerly Steps Into the World of NFC
15/07/2011 NFC and Beyond: Tackling Mobile Payment Technologies
15/07/2011 Tanzania gets mobile NFC
14/07/2011 PayPal adds support for NFC peer-to-peer payments
13/07/2011 European cellcos push for universal NFC logo
13/07/2011 MasterCard pushes for ‘contactless payments’
13/07/2011 NFC Forum partners with National Retail Federation, APSCA and Open Mobile Alliance
13/07/2011 Scottish smartcard travel system on track
13/07/2011 Vodafone tests NFC in New Zealand
12/07/2011 McDonald's Canada embraces electronic money
12/07/2011 Mobile Payments Grows Worldwide, But Business Issues Remain
12/07/2011 No more coins for Transit’s future
12/07/2011 Smart card technology comes to bike hire service
12/07/2011 Vodafone tests mobiles that could replace your wallet
11/07/2011 Bank of Ireland to push circulation of contactless cards
11/07/2011 China Smart Card Market Set for Booming Growth
11/07/2011 Mobile payments to hit $670bn