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06/03/2014 LEGICs new ISO 15693 transponder chip is launched!
16/04/2013 Samsung funds graphene antenna project for wireless, ultra-fast intra-chip links
04/03/2013 Body's electric near-field confirms user ID
22/02/2013 NXP strengthens SmartMX2 security chips with PUF anti-cloning technology
10/09/2012 Infineon supplies security chips for smart card project in South Africa
17/08/2012 Marvell co-founder, Combo chips are the future
23/05/2012 EMV Chip Cards Seen Lowering Retailer Costs
18/05/2012 Smart card, secure IC shipments increase
26/03/2012 Inside Secure to show anti-counterfeiting chip at DESIGN West
12/09/2011 Broadcom is first silicon vendor to integrate the latest generation of NAGRA-On-Chip Security
12/09/2011 Smart Chips Still Slow to Catch on at U.S. CUs
30/08/2011 Consumers may not hear 'swipe your card' for long
23/08/2011 US bank offers chip technology in Corporate cards for US based travelers.
22/08/2011 A Chip to Encrypt the Web
19/08/2011 EMV chip technology coming to a credit card near you
15/08/2011 On Smart Card Chips, Visa Changes Course
04/07/2011 Enoc smart fuel chip to be installed in the car
20/06/2011 Smart Chips and Smart Cards: Opportunity for Credit Unions in Multi-App World
20/05/2011 NXP says demand for NFC chips to soar
16/05/2011 ECB calls for chip-only cards
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